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Electrical Services Done Right

At Clarus Electric Corp our guiding principal is to get the job done right the first time. That goes for every job we do from residential, tenant improvements, to minor repairs. We believe in planning, educating our clients and doing the best possible job we can. Its not about doing jobs in volume, it is about getting things done right so you can have a safe home, work environment & quality power. We offer a wide variety of services & can tackle almost any electrical job. Call 778-229-5849 today to speak with us.


Clarus Electric Corp has completed various tenant improvement projects from restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, health care clinics, and office spaces. Our team stays updated with the latest technology for any commercial applications.


Clarus Electric Corp does residential projects of all sizes, with a focus on multi-million dollar custom homes and town houses.  Whether it is a small renovation or a new home construction, our team has the capability to customize any home project.


A renovation is never too small or too big for Clarus Electric Corp. We will tackle any size renovation. We can help plan the most economical solution for your renovation, while making sure all work is done correctly and up to code.


Whether it is a call for fire damage or water damage, you can count on Clarus Electric Corp to show up promptly with the right equipment.  Our team can effectively diagnose any electrical systems for a quick and safe repair.

Home Automation

Home Automation is the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, the temperature, and the power used by appliances in a room, or throughout your home.  Clarus Electric Corp is fully trained and certified to install Lutron’s RadioRA2 and Lutron’s Caseta wireless systems. We can help customize either systems to your desire.

Solar Power

With a growing attention to keeping our city green, solar power is becoming more popular.  Our team has the knowledge and ability to provide your home with green energy.

Charging Stations

With technology expanding quickly, electric cars are growing with popularity. Car charging stations are becoming more readily available. If a car charging station is not readily available to you, Clarus Electric Corp can help design and implement a car charging station for your need.


With three fully stocked service vans, our team can be readily available to respond to any electrical matters expeditiously.

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